34 thoughts on “How To Play Roulette | Casino Gaming 101 [Learn How to Turn $20 Into $6,000 in 10 Minutes or Less]

  1. i am initied gambler ans want to say to new gambler to trash martingale of hawks you will be ruined with prefered ALEMBERT OR CONTER ALEMBERT ALEMBERT martingale i using everytime it is very good for single aal game like blackjack or punto banco or single chance roulette just llok on the net about alembert system but this system offert you to bet often in flat bet and prefere game that you will win often because if you loose so much the system cab fail because after 5 loose it will be hard to down chip

  2. 23 min rulette tutorial with an anecdote at the end. Not necessarily a strat to turn $20 to $6k. As much as it was a decent vid and you're entertaining, Don't waste the viewers time.

  3. I played red and black only one night in Vegas and did well. I would bet 10$ and double it everytime I lost until I broke even. Every time I would win the initial 10$ I'd put it into my other pocket and start again. Won over 700$ in a few hours

  4. Great video! I definitely do not play the way that you do. For nearly guaranteed profit I’ll play five double streets but then when I want to get up a few hundred dollars I will alternate by chasing the previous two winning dozens.

  5. The title states [LEARN TO TURN $20 INTO $6,000 IN 10 MINUTES].
    Sorry to tell you, I didn't learn anything, turning $20 into 6k. You got lucky from $20 into 6k.
    IIMO, 80% is Luck, 10% money management, 8% common sense, 2% some kind of strategy.
    And if you're going to play the outside area only [black or red or even,odd, or 1-18, 19-36. You better off playing Baccarate, betting on Banker w/ lower house edge.
    Roulette game only good for comp. If you want free room, food, etc Roulette will rack up those rewards points faster.

  6. Amazing Roulette wheel demonstration. I'm currently up 1k over 3 visits.

    Also, Martingale system is definitely risky, I fall into it I noticed, thankfully I've always broke even or gotten ahead…

  7. I usually play the machine roulette games rather than the table ones and times i was ahead, only to see my winings going down.

    I only bet on the color, so whatever color comes up I bet on it the following spin but many times I've been ahead, only to see consecutive losses in a row

  8. Ive seen dealers that could spin a zero …
    About 20% of the time you can always spot them when they hold the ball on the rail and wait to spin…..they are shady….

  9. I won 50.00 chip on 17 once…. The stack was 2 feet high….everyone bet on it and 5 people walking by put chips on it….
    When the ball magically jumped in there the entire are went crazy

  10. very informative and I like your energy. My wife and I are planning our first visit to Vegas and one of the games I wanna play when we go to the casino is Roulette so you're video has been very helpful for a newbie like myself.

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