27 thoughts on “The Moneyline Bet – Sports Betting Explained Series

  1. If the favorite is – 165, I'm taking the moneyline over the spread. The only time someone should take the spread if a favorite team is a – 300 (winning a 1/3 profit).

  2. Thank you so Very, Very much. No wonder I was always loosing. I thought the + was the favorite, and – was the underdog. I had to hunt and hunt to find out what I was beginning to wonder about. I lost all my free $40 bets. Shoot!

  3. I’ve been betting for a 3 years now in my experience the only way to make money is to bet over or under that’s the only way can get a 50/50 chance to get an even money yea we all know the bulls would win every time but you have to put down $1000 to win 1 dollar not a good bet .so I would rather bet the over or the under to get a 50/50 shot for my money if I bet 1000 on the over with the odds being-110 I’ll have a 50 percent chance on getting $1900 back I don’t care who wins just go over per example when I first started betting it was baseball season I didn’t know who to pick regardless of what the odds say on the paper or who the best team are so just pick all games to go over for $15 I don’t care who the winner will be just go over I ended up winning $900 that day

  4. Have you ever come across – Zcode system – (just google it, especially line reversals tool) ? Ive got pretty good results with it, when signal sensitivity is 14+ and smart money move arrow appearing and public over 65% on favorite.

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