20 thoughts on “The #1 BEST SPORTS BETTING ADVICE (Watch this before betting on sports!) – Thursday Truth Ep 06

  1. I’m a bread delivery man and hit 6 figures betting in 2021. Don’t be mad at the industry cuz you suck at betting. Just like you blamed the dating sites cuz you couldn’t get a date. Kick rocks you opportunist feeding on the uninformed. It’s their responsibility to be informed.

  2. You offer zero value and no credible intel…even less than those you bash! You obviously get paid by the word and like the sound of your own voice ~ chewing up airtime…please prove me wrong soon!

  3. Well I fundamentally disagree . The best piece of advice I can give to anyone is to bet on sport …but to do the complete opposite of ALL the advice given on YouTube and other websites and in books except for money management and psychology advice .

    What all sports bettors should in fact be doing and yes I do believe it’s a fact and have overwhelming evidence to support me is betting a high volume of big parlays or accumulators on long term sports markets for very small stakes each .

    Yes yes I know full well the arguments against parlays . But we aren’t necessarily giving the best advice on how to win we are giving the one best piece of sports betting advice period .

    So how can betting parlays on long term markets possibly be better than not betting at all unless you win which for the sake of this argument we are going to assume you won’t even though parlays on outright markets are precisely how I’ve made a living for the last 18 years?

    Well it all comes down to one question. Is there anything in life that you can buy for 1 dollar or 1 pound that will provide you with anywhere near the same amount of sheer entertainment or utility that a parlay on long term sports betting markets can give you for that same 1 dollar ?

    And if you think there is then clearly you must disagree with me . However if there isn’t then that there in a nutshell is my argument for betting small amounts on parlays on long term sports betting markets.

    But I said you should bet a high volume of such bets . Betting a high volume of such bets results in diminishing marginal returns of entertainment utility I fully admit . However it increases the probability that near the end of the season you will be in a position to hedge more than one bet together in the same hedge bet .
    It’s this basic principle that I utilise to make a living from such bets.

    However no one reading this need go that far . In essence I’m merely pointing out that it’s only better to not bet at all if you can think of something you can spend £1 on that will give you as much entertainment or utility as say the following accumulator that is similar to the type of bet I place almost every weekday of the season ,

    All teams to win leagues unless stated,

    Norwich to be bottom of the Premiership, Fulham , Rotherham, Swindon promotion, Chesterfield prom, Real Madrid , St Pauli, Almeria, Inter /Atlanta, Trabzonspor, Cluj , Olympiakos, Lech Poznań /Pogon

    4 bets at 25p each

    Well can you think of something you can spend £1 on that will provide as much interest and entertainment or can’t you ?

    That is the question.

  4. enjoying the process is really the most important thing…regardless whether it's creating your own model, being able to figure out your edge, rank and rate your teams…I find just as much fun in that as the idea of actually winning. That said, just the bet tracking spreadsheet video alone, has made my fun…well more fun. Been doing this (not overly seriously, but with a lot of time and effort) for 35 years and although I am having the worst season ever in terms of picks against the spread, when picking them all…understanding my edge, am +11 units vs the spread and +43.61 vs the money line in college football. I wouldn't trust one thing I am doing (at least yet..lol) but to the point of the video, it's made it a lot more fun.

  5. Do you not get websites don't want you going around spreading misinformation that someone could use to get someone hurt or killed. They don't want their public image and reputation to be trashed because people like you believe in unproven conspiracy theories. You can assume that the websites ban you because they are morally corrupt and just wanting to protect the mainstream liberal political agenda. But that criticism isn't going to change that websites don't want you using their platform to gaslight people into wreckless behavior. I'm sure you are someone who describes Trump as just a harmless mean tweeter. That was all well and good with Twitter until their platform was used to convey lies that lead to an attempted insurrection that got people killed. But sorry you got banned because you want the freedom to screw with people.

  6. Hi William, during your last stream you said that you think MMA is an example of a sport that can be succesfully bet on without a model, because there is not enough significant stats available for this sport. Can you think of any other sport with similar characteristic? Maybe tennis or snooker?

  7. It’s hard to think of things that are less entertaining than watching an NBA game from start to finish. Or a 3 and half hour long Baseball game. A trip to the dentist maybe? Sports betting is too make money.

  8. This is why I like betting props! It makes my bankroll last longer, but as long as it's alive I still got skin in the game every week!

    Thing is most aren't patient enough to do that and need daily action on multiple games that they know nothing about just for the sake of having "action". That might be fun for them, but they end up losing and losing fast.

  9. here's my advice: find a beatable market. your approach may be excellent, but if you're attacking the toughest markets, how will you ever find a learning curve? people aren't robots who can cope with constant losing

  10. Never really understood just betting for entertainment purposes. Since most people who bet on sports, even casually don’t even watch the games. I, myself don’t watch the games I have money on. There’s no comradery in that. I dont want to be anywhere near a sports book or bar to watch a game I have money on. Surrounded by a lot of people. It’s annoying and not entertaining. If someone doesn’t want to gamble on sports to make money. Than find a different hobby. Unless you find enjoyment in just checking scores on your phone. Or watching a lot of commercials and Refs making phantom game changing holding calls while you watch on TV and pull your hair out.

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