8 thoughts on “TVG Horse Racing Betting Review: Everything You NEED To Know 🏇

  1. This isn't a review. Clearly like a horse racing hater and passing judgement on folks. Where are getting your useless info from, some degenerate gambler maybe? Men getting divorced and drunk before 11 am?? Tf! Wow, are you way off base and have absolutely ZERO knowledge of what actually goes on obviously but can certainly pass ridicule judgement and insult. FYI lady, as a former professional jockey how are you so quick to judge jockeys and their dance skills just cause one that didn't fair so well but was bold enough to accept a challenge and on national TV none the less! I'm Latino, like most jockeys are, and let me tell ya.. I can bust a move! 😜 BTW.. saying all jockeys only weigh 87 pounds?? Tf are you talking about? 🙄 Just so you'd know most jockeys average at 115 and that's pure athletic muscle and for most, like myself in my racing yrs, that's not even their natural weight as it's much higher. Perhaps you're just little bitter cause no one ever asked you to attend the coolest party and dress up for that amazing occasion at Kentucky Derby which is fact the greatest 2 minutes in SPORTS. Okay.. rant over. Hope you're informed from someone who actually knows things from the horses mouth sort of speak. 😆

  2. Appreciate you promoting a sport I love, that said, let me offer some critiques… 1) dressing up at the Derby or the track is half the fun. In a world were dbag millennials wear backwards baseball hats to upscale steakhouses…I find it refreshing that people actually put on pants for something. 2) your generalization about "divorced men" at the track is way off base. Sure, there's all types there, but this is simply not true.
    3) racing is a wonderful connection the these amazing animals and I love the " old timey" vibe of the scene.
    Point being – embrace the culture. Embrace the opportunity to dress up, embrace there that there are all types there. Not everything has to be a room full of hipsters with designer bags updating their IG accounts. Good luck all.

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