30 thoughts on “Should sports betting be legalized in CA? Gov. Newsom, Graton Casino, Bay Area groups weigh-in

  1. Native American casinos are ran by Indians they make the choices!! It’s better they keep the government out of the business they just want a part of there money

  2. Barona Casino who is anti prop 27 is one of the wealthiest greediest casino tribes there is. Greedy tribal members driving $100 grand plus Ford Raptors and showing off there wealth. Vote Yes on 27 to end the greed of these wealthy tribes.

  3. Vote no on Prop 27. I get that there is a homelessness problem in California, but by trying kill jobs at the indian casinos just to get the extra money from online sports betting is stupid. We have government agency in place already trying to solve the homelessness issue, but where has it gotten us? Instead of trying to pass Prop 27, California you just allocate more tax payer money from other agency to try to solve the homelessness problem

  4. I am tired of driving to those far away Indian casinos. Producing a lot of carbon foot traffic is eliminated. Online sports betting or any gambling is the answer. I don’t care about money going to some imaginary social projects.
    When I go into debt from gambling, I expect debt forgiveness from our compassionate president Joe Biden.

  5. I can see places like Las Vegas Lobby the ban on sports betting because it reduces tourism there and if sports betting was legalized in CA, we just get WAYYYY more ads about sports betting and it shoves down our throat.

    khabib said it well that gambling is very dangerous and he finds it more dangerous than alcoholism, teaching young adults to gamble would ruin their lives from addiction. Of course gamble responsibly but how often is that really the case.

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