18 thoughts on “How To Deal With Bad Runs and Losing Streaks in Sports Betting

  1. lol i jinked myself have lose $60 in 3-4 days using $10s about 2 bets were quite poor
    & stopped checkin player updates some scorelines have been quite random but that keeps me honest as a bettor im look at 2-5days a week rather then 1-2bets a day only coz i got $260 from another sport am at $170 now using $30 for sports in coming days
    & have had some close loses before the 3days of some poor bets im go bak to 2-4days a week bet

    i got suns -4 line wrong (v boston) & oilers -1.5 line(v devils) wrong but got vegas -1.5line (ducks) right & +3 line pacers(v bulls) right 2/4

    im do 1 more bet for rugby then relax on nba & nhl for afew days or weeks til i c a ok day
    atm am gambling hav lose only $60 i know is nothin to alot but im quite the egg when slips r 1/4 or 0/4

    losin 3 days isnt helpin my bak recover
    anyways it happens especially parlays coz i know i shoulda got 3slips this week but lose by 1leg lol

    its cool tho things wil turn

  2. Smh I feel like games are rigged specifically so I lose. I have friends who win thousands eveeytime they bet, and the only time they lose is when I copy 😑. I’m done with this crap man. I can bet on a team on a 22 game lose streak to lose, and that’s the game they’ll beat the best team in the league by 15

  3. started with 100 in the beggining of month. was at 2,400 then wanted to make my money back and u know how that goes….. loosing streak and im at $300! im still up but god damn this one hurt 😞

  4. These guys say they have losing seasons……. WTF!?!? I’ve been betting for 5 years now learned everything on my own and I haven’t had a losing MONTH. .. and these guys supposed to be big shots? And they go for underdogs they say?? How do these guys make any money??😂🤣

  5. Have a few days off. Keep it simple pick your best for the day and only have one bet and until you win that one bet only have one bet a day. Don't lose your confidence. Keep a positive mindset. Trust the process. Best of luck everyone.

  6. If you win 7 in a row and lose 8 in a row, you're one unit down. Call this a sequence. A single sequence. Now, if you had 10 sequences you were tracking instead of just one, you're more likely to even out the variance across the 10 vs living thru every grueling loss in a single sequence. This is what a card counting team does when multiple players play from the same bankroll. Of course you'd have to come up with enough +ev plays to set up all these sequences.

  7. Great video. Very good point on a gambling bankroll. You often hear the phrase "bet the house" which most take lightly and in amusement but too often you see folks betting what they don't have or shouldn't bet….

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