36 thoughts on “Mark Cuban On The Future Of Sports Betting | CNBC

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  2. Monika Humayer
    Government should create jobs and get taxes created from profit of actual value and not using tax collected from betting offices which is people’s hard earned money .It is the government who should be made responsible. The same goes for the profit the goverment made from selling pharmaceutical drugs alcohol and cigarette. Everyone is suffering and choked by the idiotic habits which should be hiding way from sight and not being advertised like a coolest thing as part of watching a soprt game. I would ban
    Betting advertisement during a match as the enjoyment of the game is being linked with the name of the betting companies , So our minds are being dangerously tricked, First step to end this is to really ban any harmful companies or betting shops being advertised during matches or at least on the TV Ot made is believing that gambl8ng is as much enjoyment as watching a great game, Then football playing horse riding tennis would become just like any other entertainment job or healthy sport activity and not a source of extreme Danger.

  3. It was a shame that we who live in the east coast couldn't go to Atlantic City to bet on sports (Boxing, Basketball, MMA etc.) like you can do in Las Vegas. They should allow reputable Casinos that have a base in Atlantic City and Las Vegas to offer online sports betting as well.

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