26 thoughts on “College Football Week 11 Picks and Odds | Top 25 College Football Betting Preview & Predictions

  1. My father earned several medals fighting for our country in World War II, including the Battle of the Bulge. Sadly, his biggest opponent was heart disease, he lost that battle at age 62. God Bless you Joe Sr. and RIP.

  2. Like to get a package I am 65 bad with technology maybe a phone number I will stay with you have a blessed veterans day my uncle step on a land mine try to take care of him to violent he was in a great place he lived better than the people on the outside he joined to get a education wine up in Korea be safe God bless always Donny T. You are good at what you do I pay you a little extra I want to take a leap thanks for listening

  3. Thanks Steve I watch your show all the time you give good info and most of the time you're right and you're right on this week God bless to you and your family and to your friends also God bless have a blessed day and thank you

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