7 thoughts on “The Mouttet Mile Invitational 2022 | Caymanas Horse Racing | SportsMax TV

  1. Mi convince a whole bunch a unu nuh know nothing bout racing much more race horse weather Mahagony move early or late one ting mi know fi certain Excessive force would still run dem down an beat dem thats just the facts d track was slow and even if it did fast with so much speed the run on horses would still catch them the freshest horse won the race the race excessive force won in november he turned for home second to last about ten to twelve lengths behind d leader and gobbled her up close to the winning post which tells me he is fit and has a devastating turn of finishing speed and one should not forget he won races earlier in the year in impressive fashion

  2. I am wondering if Mahogany moved too early? The time isn't fast at all..was the track that slow? That's E class time!!! Why did the race went off late? Why can't races at caymanas park run on the designated time?

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