20 thoughts on “Sports Betting Companies Caught Paying Colleges Rip Off Students

  1. 04:04 – LOL.. “kids”… By legal definition, virtually everyone in college in the U.S. is an “adult”….

    Yet, according to the TYTwerps, it’s actual “kids” that can make adult decision, even over their parents…

    …That is why the voting public don’t want to give TYTwerp type people actual civil power…Everything is whimsically/juvenilely based on what they subjectively like or don’t like…And so they would just produce a “babied-State”…

  2. Tyt treats adults like children and feel children have the ability to make adult decisions. Meanwhile, tyt cultists clap like barking seals for them. Tyt is comedy gold!

  3. Protect grown men and women (college students) and let children decide if they should mutilate themselves. Ummm ok tyt.
    Sounds like progressive ccp propaganda to me. Is china letting their children mutilate themselves tyt cultists?

  4. Good way to start a gambling addiction. Start'em young and bring yourself to financial ruin and bankruptcy! Gambling is only for the rich, where they can just throw their money away but unfortunately prey on the poor and the gullible.


    Where the Left supports gender affirming non-reversible surgeries and drugs to toddlers but legal age adults are not permitted to gamble. 🤷

  6. Funny, college kids are impressionable, subject to gambling propaganda, and need to be protected but 12-year-olds are completely within their right minds and able to make decisions concerning mutilating themselves.

  7. There you have your real deep state.
    Corporate corruption.
    USA 1O1 for you.
    Edit: I guess there will be a government in the near future, telling you that gambling is THE way to make a proper living. (Corrupted) hardcore gamblers will be the superstars of pop culture.
    Look at poker – it's already there.

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