24 thoughts on “NHL Picks, Predictions and Betting Odds | Daily NHL Preview | 🏒 Puck Time for November 2

  1. Bryan Rust again with 3 shots. Carmine got a good tell on him. Unfortunate he did not recommend it in his best bet or to his clients cuz it was too expensive at -160. Instead he recommends J. Guentzel over 3.5 shots at -135, while he gets only 1 shot and scores on it. Guentzel don't need a ton of shots to score, not like that bummer Brian Rust.

    On the other hand the Prez best best Matthews over 4.5 shots at -140 and he happens to get 8 shots!

    That being said these 2 guys are overestimating Pittsburg team.

  2. Hey guys I'm thinking that if you wanna grow this show even more and any show on wagertalk for that matter, maybe regularly give an actual client bet on these shows? I know you got to serve the clients first but if want your shows to be legit, then winners need to be the norm here. Otherwise it's a have your cake and eat it too? You want people to follow, like and show love then make this the most legit show out there. By the way….I love you guys. Even Prez.

  3. Don’t forget how organic you guys are growing! Likes or not! Tell yourselves this.. you never even promote to us to like it and sadly with most attention spans, you guys need to remind us to show love unfortunately! I for one always like before I watch because it’s always a great show with the boys.

    Maybe every Friday promote the page a little more and the trend will follow for the rest of the week.

    Thank you boys let’s take it to the vault!

  4. Wow—the Leafs fans will be LITERALLY calling for heads to roll if the Leafs lose tonight? Their fans are sociopaths? Didn’t know they were that crazy!

  5. Great job gentleman's! Carmine and Prez thanks a lot for what you are doing. My Pens..men..but despite they lost last night, the gonna win against Buffalo. Greetings from The Netherlands.

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