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  1. All progressive betting systems such as martingale fail in the end. Martingale puts off losses for longer than random bets for an unpredictable massive loss at the end. I will analyse this with my random number generator and software to compare it to martingale. An improvement on your system would be to reverse martingale each column on a win whilst playing your system normally otherwise. It MIGHT put off the evil day you lose your bankroll unless you leave with your profit and never gamble again. But you need to download true random number seeds or better still get a hardware quantum random number generator and test it over BILLIONS of results before you make a public claim, since this might lead the statistically ignorant into trouble. For example, I am building a device to messages back in time, and I am doing double blind tests with massive sample sizes for absolute proof before I put a single penny on a lottery or casino based on it, or inform authorities where the next serial killer or earthquake strikes, because if I get it wrong I will not be taken seriously again.

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  3. man's thanks for tips but i have problems with online casinos in particular unibet, i usually follow you instructions and they work, i been able to make some profit but when i do it for some time, its like the casino changes the game instantly,
    i never play more than 10 minutes and when i make profits i walk away but, there is something wrong

    which online casinos do you recommend?

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