16 thoughts on “The Three True Outcomes of Sports Betting

  1. William, great video and that is the truth of sports betting. If people out there saying they are long term winners on sports betting, they are lying. I been doing this since 1991, I don’t make any money. Now I just do it for fun, since they legalized sports betting (NY) on January 2022. Anybody said they can profit long term on sports betting, they are lying. I deposited $500, and make my money last as long as possible.

  2. Well I guess time will tell how long term this is – so far it's only been a season and a bit for me with my semi-pro betting (I won't call myself pro until I can finish this second season and deem it a success), though currently sitting at over 2400 bets placed across that time – but, as someone that might be one of those unicorns, my experience says that sheer dumb luck lead me down this rabbit hole. Years of various things casually betting related, a big loss in Nov 21 that lead me to doing "one last hurrah", and that last hurrah bearing amazing fruit.

    Don't get me wrong; I've worked my ass off to capitalise on this path that I've found myself on (these days I'm usually working 12 hours on betting days), but I can't deny that I had a heavy dose of luck and happenstance to get me on it in the first place.

  3. It’s funny how touts always state their $100 & $1000 a game better’s are always up a bunch of money if they buy their premium pics. I believe the only people that are up all that money are the touts that sell the pics.😂😂

  4. Did I miss the recreational bettor, which the majority of punters fall under? Those who budget for sports betting, considering it a hobby or entertainment, has gotta account for at least 2/3 of the parlay players out there. The value isn't necessarily in the increased bankroll but more the thrill of the action.

  5. The easy part is being profitable to sustain your realistic lifestyle. It can be done because I have been doing it for 15 years. The hard part is finding action once your pegged a sharp, reporting enough income over many years just to secure a small mortgage from a B lender that may touch you, and proving to the tax auditor you actually made your money gambling. You can add on finding a wife that supports your decision and after convincing her parents you can win, to find a way to tell her dad to stop bothering you for picks.

  6. William, I'm a professional card counter (blackjack) and looking to expand my skills. I've been watching your channel for a while, but you're just using your own sports model. Are you familiar with the concept of the Top Down approach to bets? I'm still testing this and I'm profitable.

  7. You can win long term at sports betting. It just won’t be any fun. And the book won’t let you do it forever. First: Only bet on the obscure shit: WNBA, Golf, Tennis, Soccer, Politics, NASCAR….and so on. That’s where the edge is at. Which means on a Full slate of College Football on a Saturday in October YOU SKIP. Don’t bet nothing. Or a Whole day of Sunday NFL. A full Summer of Baseball. This is hard to resist. Which is why most people fail. If you do dabble in the major sports only bet Totals. Or you can just Hedge/Scalp the book to death and grind out your profit. (Which a book won’t let you do long term anyway) So unless you like to Follow Women’s Basketball and Soccer and you like to bet different sides of the same game, different ways and scalp. You won’t have a good time sports betting for a living.

  8. yeah i don't recommend betting as a job to anyone. if you can do it well enough to live on, you could get a job paying the same where you aren't worrying about your future. i literally only do it because the government kicked me off disability benefits and it was this or bareknuckle fighting

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