25 thoughts on “Matched Betting Extra Place Offer (How To Profit On Every Horse Race)

  1. Very good video will have to try this. Would you say this is a better way to do for races that there are only one extra place? I've looked at loads of races and it's actually not that easy to have the horse land exactly on the place you want so wondering if this method is better long term.

  2. When you have multiple extra place races (i.e. paying 5 places on a 3 horse race), is it possible to exploit this even further?

    As I understand it, the profit here comes because you are guaranteed that either you'll win on the lay bet on the bookie (1234) or the back bet on the exchange (5678…). Then you're basically taking advantage of the discrepancy in odds caused by the additional place. But there is no benefit to it actually landing on the "extra place" of 4th.

    But often bookies will pay 5 places instead of 3. If you here put a lay bet against 4 places and an EW bet on 5 places (up from 3), then you would cover all the bases and guarantee a win as above, but if it finished 5th, you would also get the EP win. Is that correct?

  3. What happens if a few horses drop out and then the bookie no longer pays out the extra place but then the horse finishes in that extra place but you also lose on the exchange too?

  4. Very interesting apart from you’ve managed to back at 2.9 and lay at 2.62 on the Win part.
    I will look to go for the double whammy and find a Bet 365 4/1 + race and possibly grab a free bet at the same time.
    Fascinating watching these videos, I worked for nearly 30 years in the industry (Ladbrokes and Stan James) until 2009 and it’s a whole new ball game now.

  5. I've signed up for OddsMonkey using your link and I use EW Sniper on a daily basis, which is working well for me. Are there any other tools you would recommend to use?

  6. Hi.does it always have to be one place above the normal or can it be more?.for instance if the place market is 5 and there's an option to lay 6 places and one to lay 7 places ,would it still work If you layed 7 places instead?

  7. Just what I needed again , especially with the football season coming to an end soon.I appreciate the good content, keep it coming !πŸ‘ŠπŸΎπŸ“ˆ

  8. How many races can you do on this in a day? And also how long before races would be ideal to do this as I can’t seem to find arbs as the rating only goes to around 89% when i try? Cheers great video!

  9. Hi.
    Great video. Only thing I would say is the main 'value' is coming from your Win Lay Odss right?
    Your odds for the Win Lay are lower than the win odds, which is creating the arb.
    Your place lay odds are good but they're not necessarily creating the value or the arb?
    I may be wrong but either way, great video

  10. Interesting. Thanks for the info. Is it possible to do this with Smarkets? I know generally they don't have as many markets available as Betfair. Also, do you believe that backing on Paddy and Laying on Betfair is not a good idea?

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