24 thoughts on “Exploring the Math Behind Crash | Roobet Cryptocurrency Casino Game

  1. I just discovered this video and I'm glad I did! your data is a perfect example of breaking down the math but at the same time you gave me an edge. Your data is also based on playing every single round. So if you were to not bet on certain rounds, you give yourself a better chance at winning. For example, If a round just paid out the 2x multiplier, waiting until there are 3 to 4 rounds of losers to bet again would statistically give you a better shot at winning 2x than if you were to bet every round and double. So far I have to say it's worked very well for me. So thank you

  2. Good video, some people will be winners but in the end be smart about it if you do bet, the house always wins. Don't get enticed by clickbait Youtube video's that says it's enticing in the long run.

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