50 thoughts on “🔥 Low Betting with MINIMUM Bets and MAXIMUM Explosions

  1. I'm trying to get this message to you when you play the slots game dragon cash what you were calling lions is Chinese dragons they're Chinese New Year dragons that's why it's called dragon cash

  2. you should definitely try an area that has the same games and only put $20 into one and bet max on the lowest denom and if you don’t win on that machine, go to the one next to it and put another $20 in and repeat!! this has worked so well for me 🙃🙃

  3. I usually play with 200 for my casino trips. Almost half the time I walk out with over 600. I like seeing videos like this. 🙂 and honestly I do better betting 88 cents than I do with 176 or 264. Got a 5 trigger drum bonus on 88 cents.

  4. I got the super grand chance at $1 bet also and me and my mom thought nothing of it, like there’s no way we’re getting it, not knowing it was going to pay that well! It was a handpay of $1500! We were so shocked!

  5. Thanks for the Video Brian. missed you at Choktaw!! I made a Low Rolling Video and a Fun $20 FreePlay Video I think you guys would enjoy…… New Challenge Britt gets to Duel with Brian Christopher!

  6. Hey Brian and Britt! You know how you sometimes have other people introduce the videos? You should let people take a video intro from their locals and send it to you! it’d be a fun way for your fans to get involved a bit more!

  7. The Cash machine play was hard to watch….playing one coin was like u playing a 3 coin wheel of fortune with only one coin…or playing any multi line machine and playing one line….Please don’t do that ever again 😂😂😂

  8. This challenge was really fun to watch! I really enjoyed it! Lot’s of fun, without the heart beating crazy over losing a lot of Brian’s money! Lol

  9. Just last week I hit 2 jackpots the 1st was $2880 on $0.80 the 2nd was 2080 on $1.20 on Quad Shots same machine about 5 days apart. My biggest jackpot ever 12,990 on Buffalo Revolution betting $1.50

  10. I love this. I have actually hit the major on the dancing drums more then 30 times on a 88 cent bet and 1.76 bet and the grand once for 17 grand on a 1.76 bet. Shows you don’t always have to Max bet. Thank you for this video Brian, you rock!!

  11. I am not sure if you have tried the ladder betting method before, I'm sure you have but I would love a video with that type of betting! Love your channel and that you are a fellow Canadian!

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