29 thoughts on “Bet On It | College Football Playoff Picks and Predictions, Vegas Odds & Best Bets

  1. surprised no coverage on that Tennessee/Clemson game. Looked at that one all week and just couldn't understand why Clemson was favored by 6, or favored at all, and Tennessee blew them out.

  2. Kelly puts on a ton of makeup , uses filters and puts cheesecloth on camera. That’s not a natural look. Look at Marco and Joes camera compared to hers. People are ez to fool.

  3. I’m thinking will Anderson and Bryce young saying there playing is bad news for K-state! I’m smelling alabama proving they should have been in college playoff 42-17 Bama!

  4. UGA should be -10. I wish this "Smart money" would drag the spread down to 3 for me. Ohio State is terrible, they have played 1 good team. Enjoy the loss Ohio State betters!

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