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  1. Bookies make money because they build in a profit margin on the odds they offer. If you lay on an exchange you have to offer a higher price than the bookie and pay commission. So you are losing the edge that the bookie has and therefore you will lose long term. The price differences are not just a fraction of a point. Today Ladbrokes are offering 2.25 for the favourite Indigo Girl to win the 3pm at Ascot. The lay price on Betfair is 2.48. The second favourite Lights On is 4.33 with Ladbrokes and 4.9 on Betfair. The outsider Kestenna is 41 with Ladbrokes and 60 on Betfair. I dabbled with the idea of laying the field at 1.9 in play meaning i will make a profit if two or more are taken. But this doesn't happen enough to make it pay. So far the only way i have found to make consistant profit is on the Grand National where i back horses that i know will be backed on the day and lay them off at a shorter price. Examples, horses owned by a celebrity, hyped by the media, won the race before, rumoured to be carrying a lot less weight than they should etc. And why would anyone think it is a good idea to have someone whistling all the way through a video?

  2. Listen up peeps. There is an EASY way of making a fortune on Betfair. I’m not going to give away the golden goose.
    Focus on laying odds-on favourites, using a martingale system.
    Do some homework. See how often odds-on shots get beaten and what odds they are. At every odds the longest winning run is 7 or 8.

    See which minimum odds you should play at, then apply your staking strategy.

    Seriously, it’s a doddle.

  3. All Nonsense of course, I will explain why.
    Winning money from gambling is not about backing winners or laying losers, it’s about value for money. Bookmakers don’t win because you have backed a loser, they win (in the long run) because they have an over round book, about 120%. So in the long term they will make 20% on their turn over.
    On Betfair the lay book is about 98%, so you will lose about 2% on your bets. But it gets worse, you will also have to pay a 5% commission to Betfair on any winnings. BIG LOSS

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  5. You could just troll through all the days runners and pick horses that haven’t made the frame before and are under 3.0 laying above 2.0 is suicide tbh when you find that horse that hasn’t made the frame and is at 3 lay the fucker it’ll still win 1 out of ten times tho

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