25 thoughts on “College Football Week 2 Picks and Odds | Top 25 College Football Betting Preview & Predictions

  1. We differ in the power rating on the Baylor BYU Game I feel Baylor is a live dog in this spot and with BYU missing couple key guys will hurt even though I feel Baylor will win this game I would prefer plus 3 prime number as opposed to 2.5 only other spot I like on the college card Sat is a total play on an out of conference game where I feel the total is over priced haven't moved either game to a Best Bet status yet only Bet Best Bets so will see Sat morning when I'm at the South Point last week had no Best Bets so I passed week 0 had 1 Best Bet and was the only game I played so far Won with the Under in Nevada vs New Mexico State Game got the worse of the number as well Game opened 55.5 when I bet Sat morning August 27 it was,at 48 I banged the Under then they moved the line down to 47.5 came back 3 more times for smaller amounts on 47.5 had 4 tickets on Under Game went 23 to 12 35 póints,total Game cashed was fortunate didn't get bite taking the worse of the number I believe I told U B4 I don't believe in mass volume betting in sports unfortunately I wish I stuck with that philosophy when it comes 2 the ponies been cold as ice with the horses was going 2 take a break until the Breeders Cup but being the horse degenerate I am I may scrap that and bet the ponies 2mor Sat will see Best of Luck 2U my friend and 2 everyone at Wager talk and 2all out here Let's Cash

  2. Great stuff SM!!!
    Half points screwing ya are never fun.
    We got a BTC spike eh?
    2022 College YTD 1-3…

    2021 Pro YTD 0-0…

    (Always Use Closing Lines!!!)

    Ohio State U 69

    Georgia State U 64.5

    Texas Tech U 62.5

    Notre dame U 50

    Iowa U 40

    GL All!!

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