26 thoughts on “How to Easily Make Your Own NHL Betting Odds Using Excel or Google Sheets.

  1. Hey thanks for the help! I made my own model following this for soccer and college lacrosse. Is there any way to do this say before a season starts (with 0 stats to put in) or do you have to wait until each team has played enough games for it to work right?

  2. If I were trying to do this with bigger numbers, such as scores for basketball games that would be in the range of 100-150, what would I use instead of POISSON DIST? I tried using it but it didn't seem to work correctly. Loving the tutorials!

  3. Great video and very well done in explaining all the formulas! I've made a version for myself and am wondering if the GF and GA could be simply swapped out for xGF and xGa? Thanks for your time! Subscribed 👍🏻

  4. Hey, I signed up for a month and am in the middle of creating my own model for soccer.I needed your help but for some reason I'm locked out of the Slack group.Any way I can PM you or you can PM me? I don't wanna give out my email for everyone to see.

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