45 thoughts on “How to Make $100,000 a Year Sports Betting

  1. People cry that they can't make easy money, but they are not part of WISPRED … Easy profit every month, if you just could take a look at my life now…

  2. Hiya can I ask you on the bonus sites, do you have to lose to get the bonus? If that is true then you would need to match it up with another site with the same bonus to benefit as one would lose. That's if you need to lose to get the bonus. Am I thinking right?

  3. SO I live in the state of Georgia and OddsJam tells me that here are only 4 sportsbooks that I can place bets on: Monkey Knife Fight, Underdog Fantasy, Thrive Fantasy, ParlayPlay. Is it even worth my time to get started in sports betting with such few options?

  4. So let me understand this correctly (since I'm not a sports guy at all). The point to all this is to basically hedge bets from different bookies (and maybe sometimes the same?) to profit?

  5. How do you scale your account if bookmakers can limit your bet amounts? I feel an account worth 100k assuming a bettor deploys 1% per game may result in a limit from bookies. $500 bets across each bet would take a longer period of time to achieve if one is trying to make 2% daily on just 10k of the total 100k bankroll.

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