35 thoughts on “The Opening Line Report | NFL Week 5 Betting Market Analysis | October 3

  1. how is Teddys 228-168 record only 58% That should be higher!! Also all the footballs used in this shows pics and graphics are striped college footballs! Anyways I love the show! Been following teddy for years! He's the real deal!!!

  2. Dallas.. zak is nit playing…..Jonrs Will be deciding…if you saw hiw hapoy jones is with rush….zak is out and Will be on the Beach next 2 weeks….

  3. Bledsoe had signed a big contract with New England before his injury and Tom Brady's great arrival. Dallas should trade Dak for two second rounders and not look back. What Dak is being paid should not determine if he starts or not. Of course, I know the Dallass owner is a dickhead so he will start Dak who will undoubtedly struggle as he did greatly against Tampa. Nice show as usual guys.

  4. Great show as always D&T, any thoughts on Saints/Vikings not getting byes upon returning from London? I know it's not always the case that teams do get the byes and if memory serves, it's surprisingly not an automatic fade…

  5. My new weekly routine is make my own lines, then watch the opening line report and see what jumps out. This week, I wrote down titans -6, falcons +6, betting those now. Thanks for the content, as always

  6. Have you guys considered doing a “look ahead line report”? Maybe not all the games but would be awesome to get Teddy’s view on a few lines he thinks we should grab before the Sunday games.

  7. My 7 point teaser for pizza money bet is Packers -1….Jags pick….Bills -7…. Vikings pick…… Cardinals +12 1/2…..Rams +1…..Bengals +10 1/2
    GL Everyone!

  8. Great show guys. This will be Green Bay first trip to London the last NFL team to go to London. Be interesting to see how the Vikings and Saints play this week with no bye week after playing in London

  9. Teddy, I've played football for over 35, most of them semiprofessional, there's a difference between a player that's hurt or got hurt and a player that's injured or got injured. You can play hurt, you normally can't play injured. What's your take on this because it's an huge part of my handicapping.

  10. I see no difference between Tua and Bridgewater. They both check down a whole lot. Tua can only throw about 50 yards deep. He cannot utilize his speedy WR to the max. He's only accurate at his passing range. He severely under threw Hill. The only reason he could hit his wideouts is if they're just wide open. So I disagree with TC.

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