12 thoughts on “Online sports betting and gambling now legal in Ontario

  1. Ctv, city tv, global and CBC is fake news and an enemy of all Canadians. Their main objective is to spread misinformation and fear mongering and suppressing the truth. They are a mouth piece for dictator Justin Castro who is a puppet of the wef/United Nations and nwo clan and new world order. Trudeau, Freeland, Doug ford, John Tory, Christine Elliott, Eileen de ville and many more are the biggest threat to Canadians. Nothing these people say is the truth and in your best interest. These puppets are all working for foreign interests and are following orders to destroy and destabilize the economy, food supply and jobs so people will be forced to accept the new world order. There is no shortage of food supply or gas supply it's all deliberately planned.
    The ultimate goal is to bring total slavery under the new one world government/ digital ID. The new Ukraine/Russian conflict is tied to this agenda. First it was a conspiracy theory that Ukraine had NATO and nwo bio labs now they are admitting it. Ukraine is a cesspool of paedophiles, child killers, war mongers, and human traffickers from politicians to senators and judges who have stakes in it. That's who Putin is going after and that's why Justin castro and the west is fighting Putin be cause they have major investments in Ukraine.,..,,…,..,…,

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