13 thoughts on “Line Movement – What Causes Betting Lines To Move

  1. Idk. If that was the case you could say some lines move in their favor? It appears Public money moves lines to influence bettors to bet the losing side giving sharps a more favorable number. Usually the heavily bet Public favorite loses yet we are to believe sharps are on the other side with $30K riding? 🤔

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  4. If the lines don’t move directly with the amount of money on each side, how does the sports book payout winnings? Example: $500,000 on team A and $50,000 on team B, if the odds don’t change to having team A much more of a favorite, then how, or rather WHO is paying the winnings to better of team A?

  5. Great info. I've never heard this kind of analysis. I always thought that betting on sports moves on new information acquired on a particular team or athlete.

  6. Flawed analogy and one that would break Vegas in a month. So maybe just maybe Floyd is on the right side of the bet, how likely that he knows folks connected in Vegas – id say its a certainty with the money he lays down.

    Nice try, not that simple Bro…

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