47 thoughts on “Investigation Uncovers The Corruption That Sports Betting Companies Used To Take Over America

  1. Bribe?! How dare you!
    In this great US of A we call this "Political Contribution" a form of expressing individual freedom of choice, a cornerstone of our democracy 😉

  2. even if sporst WAS NOT PRE SCRIPTED…now…NOwwww the temptation by the owners of sports teams and the rulers of said leagues (NFL, NBA, etc. ) have the temptation and motivation …to cheat and pre script games to get EVEN MORE money and control.

  3. This….this is what is going to kill the NFL and the NBA. Not politics, not bad players being recruited..not players taking a knew at the presentation of the Flag and National Anthem. But this. IF this was such a safe industry, why do sports betting companies bribe politicians to get legislation passed in their favor. the Stupid Supreme Court should never…never have said that its unconstitutional for government to regulate betting in organized big time sports.

  4. Sporst betting. Gee, wonder how long it will be until the Mafia or big time criminals get involved in Vegas betting and push around the players in the NFL, WNBA, NBA and in Baseball. think there might be some cheating or viollence? I mean, there is a LOT OF MONEY involved here. Horse racing was one thing. But with ignorant "jockstrap" beer drinking culture of the NFL and gang members always involved with famous Basketball players, you know that corruption will rule. Look at Goodell. THEY OVERLOOKED how many NFL Cheerleaders were assaulted, misused by many owerns for a long time. No, really? The sport is literally now connected to Vegas and the NFL and Basketball. Its just a matter of time before it gets really ugly.

  5. ITS ABOUT TIME…this damn issue…came up. man, i am TIRED OF THE ONSLAUGHT of sports betting commercials ..on the internet and on the TV. And on Cable. Its ridiculous! AND AS I PREDICTED THIS a year ago, this…THIS IS what is going to kill the NFL. the NFL thinks Vegas is its friend. IT IS NOT. They want their money. Everybody knows the NFL is scripted in some ways, especially the end season. BUT UNLIKE THE GREAT SUCCESSFUL wrestling WWE, not everyone is on the same page, and the referees are INCOMPETENT and it is not well managed. Bleep you, Goodell. AND then, you have owners like Scneider who actually STEAL from other members. Great. What unity. When there is THE TEMPTATION of money and betting, you better believe that various players and coaches OF VARIOUS SPORTS are going to want to cheat and "throw the game". AND WHAT about the fans? Fans route for their favorite teams. Do you think the fans want to find out that their heroes and teams were "scheduled " to lose and have no chance for the playoffs?? NO! Sports betting sooner or later, will cause the death or "hit" of one of the key players or coachs of a certain team somewhere in the sports world. You know this will happen. SPORTS BETTING in big time sports is STUPID. And no, despite what some of you angry trolls wills say, the NEW SPORTS rules and government law allows ANYBODY to participate in sports betting. Which means, PETE ROSE SHOULD NEVER have been penalized!!

  6. So why aren’t you telling us which politicians got the bribes? I mean why don’t you tell us how it’s the blue states who are advocating for legalization of betting? It’s not states like South Carolina or Arkansas .. it’s states like Delaware and Maryland and Virginia and California! I mean it’s crazy how these people hate these things but yet vote left wing .

  7. Ana thanks for telling the truth and using the word bribed in reference to congress. I know this happens a lot but most u-tubers won't use the word even when this happens. It makes me wonder if it is even still illegal for a congressperson to accept a bribe. It seems to happen so often I don't even know anymore.

  8. Routinely each day, In his bathroom Cenk pops zits on his funny face and jacks off to the lingerie section of the Sears catalog because Cenk is a beta male who urinates sitting down the toilet like a woman!

  9. Sadly, I see this getting so big, that it can only corrupt sports teams in time. I'm a big NFL fan, and make individual bets with friends, but it doesn't affect the game. So much money being in these sports teams and entertainment, leads to greed, throwing games/plays, corrupted penalty calls from refs, bad play calls from coaches, etc, etc. Once football (or any sport) is totally consumed by greed and making a buck, it becomes worthless for athletes and fans, and as corrupt as todays 2 political parties … rendering it boring and worthless🟪

  10. In all seriousness, was it better when sports betting was handled by organized crime? Was it less harmful when the revenues went to career criminals, murderers, and human traffickers? At least its semi-regulated now.

  11. i don't believe in sports gambling, but it should be legal, in canada it should be private and not all public which is currently the case, however much like cigarettes enough with the commercials and influence….in the usa, you guys will have it all private

  12. Sports betting isn't just a US thing. It exist in other countries, too. Also, I think viewership has fallen over the years mainly due to availability more often being restricted to cable & other pay-TV packages. This recent baseball season, something like only 12% of all local baseball games were on local TV. Nearly the entire playoffs was cable-only except the World Series. Also, during the regular season, blackout rules can restrict you from watching up to 6 teams (Iowa) no matter if the game is home or away. Similar is holding true again now in basketball & hockey season. In the US, about half the World Cup matches so far are only on cable. Remember: Most Millennials & Gen Z can't afford cable or don't usually see a need in buying it. They probably would be willing to pay the leagues directly to watch their favourite sports – local & global. However the leagues are still stuck in the 20th Century on a model where they assume people still have cable.

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