31 thoughts on “We Almost Hit The Biggest Bet In The History Of Sports Betting…

  1. Mcaphee pushes gambling again, you poor schmuck.. It's a poor tax. Sure. He pretends he's a working class dude. But he's really trying to cheat you of your money. But it's the American way! Suffer!

  2. Why is this guy always flexing his little crab leg arms pushing his hands and chairs up against to make his muscles appear to be muscular. It's not working but I'm sure he goes home every night and watches the footage clicking his mouse.

  3. Back in like October or somewhere around then. I made a 15 leg parley, and hit everyone one of them, except the Saints lost to the Panthers. From now till the end of time I will be rooting against the Saints. For loosing me almost a million dollars.

  4. Still think they point shaved in this game . Got the over /under at 46 and it landed exactly at 46 lmaoooo . Bucs didn’t want to kick field goal , eagles freaking couldn’t score 😂😂😂 I retired gambling 😂😂

  5. I want to see Mike evens Catch the Football for a game winning touch down for Brady's 8th super bowl to cap the end of the Tom Brady era, Brady walk's off into the sunset with his beautiful wife , to become the next US president and Save America.

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