10 thoughts on “Sports Betting 101: What Steps Do You Go Through When Handicapping a Game?

  1. What gets me is that nobody offers training to be a professional sports bettor/handicapper. Does anybody know of any online (or otherwise) training to handicap sports professionally? It seems these are insider-only secrets they only pass on to their children.

  2. 4:07 "You always want to make sure if they give you a play, they can explain it intelligently…" AND ARE UNBIASED!!!! Damn "local/die hard" fans.. Oh, the Nets are going to the play offs. Oh, the Pirates are going to the World Series this year.. GTFOH….

  3. I like when the bookmakers opening lines especially Pinnacle moving in the same direction as my projected odds. I also like to pick very early; if you have a good system you should beat the closing line consistently which is powerful way to ensure long term profitability against the house. You can also use standard deviation to measure any system or handicappers calling himself god to see if he really has integrity. Good luck.

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