31 thoughts on “Arbitrage Betting Guide for Beginners: No-Risk Sports Betting

  1. Hi, one question. For ex, let's say both teams have the same multiplier of 2,5 $. I bet one dollar that team A wins, and counter it that team B wins. So I spent 2$ in total. Id aby of those teams win, then I get 2,5$ but we lost one dollar, so we have 1,5$ and we spent one dollar to win 1,5$ so it's like we won extra 0,5$. So to sum it up, 2$ that we played and we got 1,5$ so in total we are on -0,5$ ? Pls correct me if im wrong

  2. So Does this only work on exchange betting or can u do this threw the sports book betting I.E say HOME team is 1/2 AWAY is 5/1 and DRAW is 3/1 then check the markets else where. For ie better then 1/2 maybe 4/6 etc and stake the equivalent to make a profit ?

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