25 thoughts on “Sports BIT | How Are Betting Lines Created?

  1. Only a handful across the globe who set lines for USA sports (which are then adjusted bla bla bla)…..so who are these global bookmakers who set our lines?? That's the most important part, based on your headline for this video…. everything else can be skipped as boilerplate/commercial bla bla bla. This video gets a 3/10

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  3. They get results close to the actual game because is scripted the math excuse is bs. He is a missinformation agent from the bookies. The team who wins has the less money to pay to the users. If the favorite has to pay more money to the bettors then the favorite has to lose , all is fake the lines the money , genious math savants with their models all a lie the house always win because they already know who will win.

  4. What a clown, talks like he knows the inside scoop when in reality he is no sharper than a Joe. He discusses how the opening lines are set and fails to mention the most important thing – Injuries LOL.

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  7. There are no trap lines, that is one of the biggest misconceptions in sports. Teddy explained why perfectly, 99% of the time the so-called "trap lines" involve short road favorites, only square bettors see those as traps.

  8. CANTOR GAMING (CG Technology) routinely kicks sharp bettors out. Their books are the most Public out there. They also try to stall you when you're placing and cashing so they can write down all these stats on you. It's ridiculous, horrible customer service, really don't know how they stay in business. Oh Wait Joe Public!

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