23 thoughts on “Dealer Laughs At Players After Big Full Table Loss. CRAZY!

  1. What a bitch il do her in da arse 21 times but she mite enjoy that. I’ve lost shitloads of money online ruined me and last thing u want is a stupid cow mugging u off that’s bad

  2. Bull – the bets on the table are chump change and the dealer drew a 3 card 21 – whoopdeedew

    She is a snot for laughing tho and the low rent Incels playing got butthurt. That gave me a laugh 🤭

  3. Honestly the player that hit their 13 against the dealers 2 it’s there fault the dealer would of got a 13 then busted. She still shouldn’t of made that gesture though.

  4. so now and then you have to hit on 13 aginst 2 depends on the open cards on the table .warining to all of you: evolution is a scam company hiding in a lawless country to prevent auditing .the black jack you should never trust because no one knows ehat kind of cards are hiding there.and lets not talk about the roulette were they claim it is random.whatch out for them very shady and not transparant company .

  5. That is not laughing at. What the uploader said is wrong. The uploader ought to be criticized.(attacks in the following comments are bounced back to their senders)

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