44 thoughts on “Horse racing / horse lover / horse dancing / horses status /#short #15sec #horse #status

  1. I don't understand western countries people mindset they complaint here you hurt the horse but these same people eating animals for taste what hypocrisy 🤔🤔😡🤔
    They think if they kill animals it's Good but got hurt while these guys not even killing the horse for food if horse can feel pain why not chicken 🤔 cow 🤔lamb i don't even know what animals they don't eat they eat fish also 😭😡 even small creatures in sea not safe from these humans they act like they can kill eat animal's but others can't even hurt them before eating meat see how they die how they run to survive 😭 no life on this earth want to die atleast Don't eat animal's for taste if you can't survive then it's fine but if you got other things to eat then this is big big crime don't forget what goes also comes back in some way you will also receive same treatment if not in this life then it will happen next time you will born a chicken and who you killing will kill you same way

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