38 thoughts on “The Most Lucrative Betting Strategy Ever (You Can't Lose)

  1. So how would you actually use this on an exchange? I've looked at inplay markets and couldn't find anything like "to score the next goal" in football or next point in tennis

  2. Same old story, nothing new… You're making the money because of advising sportrader here, nothing else. You only win bets if you know the result upfront. That's all you need to know. You cannot win with arbitrage , neither you can win with speed, neither with mathematics. Trust me, if this really would work out, we would not see any betting company anymore.

  3. Great video. Very interesting but still not available for simply players. Ofc it is better than arbing but you can get some accused of conspiracy, cartel or organized group. better price means bigger risk. i think that arbing has lower risk with still good money to get from bookie. of coruse if you're avoiding getting bonuses. cheers guys!

  4. I read a story of one guy had a special satellite subscription that was very fast. One race a jockey fell off a horse and he layer off against all the back bets, the jockey got back on and won lol.

  5. Hi caan watch all your videos and have been with a few betting syndicates in past, I’d love to know more about your strategies if you have a link?

  6. Why aren't you doing the right thing to tell the truth, that strategy doesn't work if anyone wins regularly they will ban them, that's why you making videos instead of betting, bookies are discussing I would appreciate you if you make videos to tell the truth and make people aware of what's the reality

  7. What's not said that if you are continually successful then the betfair exchange increases your commission from a few percentage points to over 60% on winning wagers thus destroying your chances of having a viable account

  8. The most lucrative betting strategy isn’t necessarily one that you can’t lose at . It’s more likely to be one where you have a clear edge and can get your money on easily
    Up until 2009 bookies used to regularly offer generous place terms on outright markets in soccer and other sports so that betting a whole series of each way accumulators was very lucrative for example

  9. I've been interested in betting games recently. Six Sigma Sports an application for sports betting game interests me since one of its features is it provides transparent data on betting activity and results. Everyone should never miss this one. 🤩

  10. Great videos! Can you please share names of software/services for the lowest latency sports video streaming. I've done a lot of searching online and cant find anything. Any idea what would be the closest to zero-latency service provider for this? I noticed in your video you have some brief clips of what looks like sports video streaming software. Thanks!

  11. You will be not fast enough than pro courtsiders, they are so fast and have the best technology and you will throw your money to try to catch perhaps one point !😂
    And security will catch you also because you will not be as discret as courtsiders…

  12. Several Years ago City played Norwich at carrow road ,i text my m8 that Aguero had scored an incredible goal – didnt appear on ESPN for 7 seconds ! ( ESPN sposed to be ive right ? ) in fact 30 secs later she text back wow thats a fantastic goal

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