38 thoughts on “Sports Betting Explained: Pros vs Joes (Sharp Sports Betting vs Square Sports Betting)

  1. i had a slow week this week some bad luck
    i noted things during the week that had something to do with bad luck week its more thoughts during the week
    i never watch players talkin bout game & how there team feels could make u feel they gona win

    anyways had 5 wins 2weeks ago & had quite a cool thought of myself i felt kinda attractive sexually & u mix it with thc & stimulated imagination lol
    guys i knew years ago i dont talk to anymore now just a thought of seduction with gambling in future alot more money would help that fantasy be a reality once i put my ideas & money together

    & bad thinking bout life & at work im tryin think if its got to do with specs of water or steam from water when cleaning

    but definitly it happens ive noted shuttin out few days after with thought especially when i win my tissue box emptys quicker lol
    but definitly when wins r way bigger returns
    im start acting on it in seduction in future

    winning kinda gives me kinda a dopamine kick of joy for alittle bit i even notice longer runs & walks even nicer givin extra rent to parents & food is nice

    & sharp im ok im gona spend more money in october or start of december for it rego outta the way then spend more on it with fun & findin another career & chilling alot more often then working

    sharp is definitly what u wana be as a bettor
    some ive heard just gamble to be round people & make friends reguardless of losing millions coz some r rich they just wana have fun some rich guys they already have money anyways
    but guys like me had to know alot especially using internet at first i was lose tryin find info on sports & apps to help me
    definitly have progressed well in 3yrs

    im hopin not fantazing bout kelly would give me some good luck 2moro tho last before 2-5mnth break
    or at least maintainnin eye contact keepin the eyes above shoulders guys like uz mentioned in the email had a caution sign in the left corner :p

    good luck to uz rest of week

  2. What makes sense if you're betting for action, you'll lose 7 out of 10 times. The Pros that win 6 out of 10 times have the edge. This is why talking about college football and college basketball, the smaller mid-major conferences can win more money on the sharps because those games are given as much attention. Also diversity in moneyline where the gap is smaller reduces the risk if you want to do a straight moneyline than a spread.

  3. There used to be another show with 3 guys and 1 pretty blonde girl hosting also. She usually just stands on a podium and the 3 guys are mostly on videochat screens. I forgot which show is that but I remember their fun banters.

  4. I can't go with the advice to bet close to the same amount on every game.
    I bide my time with small bets until I see something I really like.
    I try and pay close attention to 4 teams in our own NFC division and
    see if they look like they are an especially good or bad bet that week.
    Trying to watch & analyze 32 teams is too hard to do.

  5. Is there any way to determine if the money line numbers are "fair" to bettors ?
    When you are betting against the number, you can take either side of the same number so there is no way
    for the casino to manipulate that. But how can you tell if the money line payoff for each, or either, team is fair ?
    It seems like casinos could easily manipulate the payoff for either team to be less than it should be.
    Put another way, …. if the Money line was -303 in this game for Dallas, can you calculate what the
    money line on Buffalo should have been ?
    Bill Z
    Delaware County, PA

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