33 thoughts on “How To Bet On Football: A Beginners Guide To Sports Gambling

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  2. No help for cable cutters. Who needs ESPN online for Monday night football if you have a cable subscription? If you are travelling, every bar and hotel in America will carry it. I recomend You to try on ScreenVariety

  3. How would Atlanta (underdogs) win the spread in a 1 point difference game (27-26) Shouldn’t they (Atlanta) have to win by 3+ or more? I’m confused lol

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  5. I'm betting for the 1st time Tom and need help deciding on where I should put my bet on this Sunday's Cowboys Vs Giants game. Should I bet on the spread, money line or the total?

  6. everybody will be on the falcons because their not going to forget the eagles got beat by the BROWNS in preseason and they think that shit matters in the regular season 👌 same reason why the majority will take the browns to cover the Steelers week 1 and that aint happening either 😉 remember where you heard it…….peace.

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