15 thoughts on “My Exact Horse Racing Extra Place Strategy Matched Betting

  1. Good video. Anyone boosting on William Hill should know that its only the win odds that get boosted not the eachway. I think Ladbrokes boosts both parts of the bet

  2. What I don’t get here is that are we supposed to look for bigger or a higher percentage for example that last horse picked in the video brought big profit but the percentage was at 30% whilst the qualifying loss was £12 so not sure a little bit confusing

  3. how about using betfair's Edge option to increase the number of Extra Places? And also using again betfair;s option to lay even fewer places? Would this method be similar to covering the field without the extra hustle?

  4. So basically – Low back odds, lower liability,lower QL and lower profit. versus High back odds, higher liability, higher QL but higher profit.

  5. You mentioned you were going to talk about the need to be on multiple horses per race to improve our chances, i think you said you'd talk about it during the lunchtime livestream? i was on the livestream, don't think it was touched on as there was lots of other stuff going on. TYhanks

  6. Are you going to make another video on EPs with much more detail, eg implied odds? Personally I don't touch anything with implied odds of under 20 if there is only one extra place. Is that a bad strategy? Also would you ever go above 67 for the horse's odds?

  7. Hi Chris, thanks for yet another helpful video! With regards to Cheltenham, can you place bets on the evening before with this strategy and still expect good results? I'm a teacher so will be unable to get the time off unfortunately.

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