43 thoughts on “How to make Millions fast at Inside Track Betting (GTA:SA)

  1. i went from 112k to 14 mil

    i bet 1k on the 12/1 odds over nd over after 8 tries. took a bid of 100k on my 9th try won 1.2 M

    Saved it and bet 5K for 7 tries lost 35,000
    bey 1 Mill on my 8th try and Won 13,9M

    Believe me I've gone from 7 million to $2 practicing. and I've paused and reloaded the game many times LMAO

    with my first winnings and killing a few of the dope dealers I bought the closest house in Jefferson for 10k
    I'm at 14M right now and i just fight ballas and Vagos to get free weapons lol.

  2. This shit works LOL only took me 4 attempts, I went from 480K after I finished the story to 5M after betting that 480k then to 7B after betting that 5M. Btw I collected all of the horseshoes around Las Venturas which gives 1000 LUCK, 5k every time you collect a horseshoe and 100k after you’ve collected them all. The 1000 luck gives you the highest gambling skill in the game, so that’s why it only took me 4 attempts to go from 480K to 7B LOL.

  3. You're not getting it every time, as you can see in the video when he wins the first time his video cuts to another clip, he is literally saving every time he wins and going back in and only showing the time he has won, it's obvious you bet on the horse that has the higher odds, but the game doesn't give you the win most of the time, you have a very small chance of winning, you have to literally keep reloading the game until you win, so what you do is you save the game before you go into the betting inside Track place and if you lose you just reload your save until you win and that is exactly what he is doing, your welcome, i hate false advertising youtubers who get fame and attention, while the ones who are for the community get no recognition….

  4. There is a different about these numbers beside the name

    The more you bet on the long shot horse, the more you'll win. Thats why he choose Cyan because if he win he'll get more money from it

  5. Luckiest Moment Ever I Got After I Watch This Video :

    I choose Cyan team, I'll bet $10,110 just to test. When Cyan team win, I got $1,200,000+. Now my current balance is $1,985,961+! Before I bet my money was $700,000+

    This is 1% Chance!!!

  6. this is all about luck because the worse thing is you can't even control your horse like accelerate, left, right etc. don't try this it's just waste of time

  7. Just wonderful, I have been researching "betting on horse racing tips" for a while now, and I think this has helped. Have you ever come across – Senameron Sanyatt Approach – (just google it ) ? Ive heard some incredible things about it and my cousin got great success with it.

  8. They should’ve added a max bet option, so if someone wanted to go double or nothing they could just select that instead of having to push the money buttons hundreds and thousands of times

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