28 thoughts on “Soccer Betting Tips: How to Bet on Soccer

  1. i wouldn't listen to this beerus guy if i were you, yeah he predicts these matches but it's gotta be some kind of dark magic, how the fuck would he otherwise knew these scores few days before the game even begins

  2. soccer has just started & i have returned yesterday after 2 week break & so far have had 5-6 parlays lose by 1 leg that was reason y i had a break was seein that often lol

    anyways my soccer parlays
    2 parlays for soccer have lose by 1 leg
    both draws lose by 1 goal i woulda had $500+ from those 2 parlays

    & 1 parlay i won
    i never do same parlay nor same option again

    $270 return for $10 bet
    1. inter -3 they won 3-0 ( italian soccer comp )
    2. union berlin $3.40 they won 2-1 ( bundesliga comp )
    3. real madrid -1 they won 4-1 ( spanish liga comp )

    i like mixing comps 2gther usually round the same time theres so many comps for soccer u cant go wrong i like soccer now especially with fifa 22 i have alot more comps tho is nice y i like it

    i have 4 parlays left for soccer tonight
    i like soccer as well now & seeing similar form in soccer already im happy with progress made at soccer
    next is college & golf & tennis

    soccer so far is nice keeps me fresh something new i found this year ive added soccer to long list i already have now by end of 2023 i should be ok then years beyound that im sure id have my own island & so much more in future by 2026 or 2029 sports is 1 of my new found gifts with all sports i know now & schdule year in year out im 100% on me being quite rich from it my parlays would be worthy of MUSEUM STATUES in future that i did it with a poo ass rate $25hr that is the man if its done its my first year great signs for future
    i wana connect to uz americans in future maybe 2-4yrs from now i'l visit might have few dates there in future going to sports over ther in future i like what i c on espn from here 18+hour fleight is worth it + mlb,nba,nfl,nhl,college im hopin to come when ur busiest season is on nfl,nba,nhl,college is good season to travel there i wana buy me jerseys soon

    but 5-6 parlays lose by 1leg since i came back yesterday already am gona have break for 1 week friday or saturday is best for us
    but soccer is awesome so many comps epl,italian,mls,scotish,germen,frence,spanish r nice at times

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