50 thoughts on “AMAZING Horse Racing System | Make ££££ With Each Way Value Betting (No Lay)

  1. I'm willing to test the free version but the check out is not secure and all the wording of lock I. Profit6my friends etc seems nonsense.

  2. Seems a bit dodgy that site selling the software man. I know each way value dutching can work but look at the site? It's says scam all over it with 119 dollars for the software.

  3. What helps you decide which horse to bet on if all the horses had value bets in a race? How many horses would you back in the race? Both questions apply to each way no lay.

  4. Hey, just a question, I've been using EWS recently but the tutorial now says to tick "EPV" rather than "Adv Play" – I noticed in this video you had "Adv Play" checked. Do you know the difference and if so which would you recommend?

  5. To clarify, so if I wager a £5 bet each way (3 places) that are higher odds than a lay EW (3 places) on the exchange, keep doing this and in the long run your profits will outweigh the losses. Is that correct?

  6. Don't waste your time with this garbage. Mr. Nice Guy wants you to subscribe his software. You'll do so for a while until you get bored of long breakeven runs and lots of near misses. Find something better to do with your time than waiting for the bell that tells you an opportunity WAS available but by the time you get to place a bet, the opportunity has mostly gone as the odds have been taken by others. Also this Mr. Nice Guy stoops to one of the oldest marketing tricks in the book. He shows you hypothetical stakes of 100 and the huge income and riches that would bring. Don't fall for it! It's NOT scalable in the real world. If you use those stakes the bookies will immediately monitor your accounts and if you hit even a few winners they will istantly restrict your account to stakes that are not worth talking about. Nice try Mr. "Smart Money" but I am onto you! You're just a similar from of low life as the bookies and it wouldn't at all surprise me if you've set up affilate links from your software to the bookies to profit from any losses your users make.

  7. Very confused and I've been doing this for some time. Are you at least laying the place? and if it finished in the place. small profit as its an arb. and if it finished 1st thats where the bigger profit is?

  8. How do you work out the EV for your each way bets mate? Can't seem to find anything online? Also how close is the release of the 5 figure matched betting course? Cheers

  9. I am doing matched betting in Germany and I hope that there will be a software like that target specifically the German bookmakers. I am subscribing to a German matched betting site but the tool they provide don't include horse racing. Do you think sports like football or tennis can be as lucrative as horseracing?
    And I don't get why such strategy isn't as easily spotted by bookies as arbitrage betting. In both cases you are targeting unintentionally high odds of bookies, don't you?

  10. Hello, thanks for the videos, I was particularly interested in EWS. At around 3:40 you show the comparison of no lay and lay profits and it shows £10 stakes / £10,000 Bookmaker stakes, I assume it means a maximum of £10 each way? You also mention in the comments of this, or maybe the other video, that you made an estimated 800 bets, so I assume (again) you ramped up? Thanks!

  11. Almost 99.99 percent of the bookmakers are aware of that value bets and they closed them or changed them prrety quickly so theres no way you can find any even if you do you'll be suspended so it's pretty much useless

  12. Hi, I know it’s completely down to what people stake & how many bets they get on, but can you tell me what time period you made 2.5k & roughly how many bets you put on ?… I just want an idea of the time given to work it around my full time job

  13. Signed up for this and btw, was really inspired by all your videos! Not going to give any spoilers and Im still exploring it but its enough to say…. it actually works! Thanks, really appreciate the video!

  14. Since we have the statistical advantage over the Place bet but not the Win Bet then wouldn't it be more profitable to lay the win part of the E/W bet and go AP on the Place bet?

  15. your profit graph shows extreme profit drawdowns….early on as you mentioned, you lost all of your profits….then another hectic 70% loss of your profits but you had the sticktoitness which paid out congrats!!

    I'd like to optimize my returns so I would like to know your starting bankroll please so i can calculate a good bet stake to get good returns with drawdowns my stomach can handle if you dont mind, thanks!

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