27 thoughts on “Sports Gambling Became Legal Because Of A Horse Track (HBO)

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  2. Legal bookies are best equipped to suss out fixes. The most well know case was the 1994 ASU point shaving scandal. Vegas bookies, in particular Jimmy Vaccaro of The Mirage alerted the Nevada Gaming Control Board and the FBI. The "integrity", or rather lack thereof, of sports, hurts bookies just as much as the leagues… maybe more

  3. America is the highest consumer of addictive substances in the entire planet, alcohol, tobacco, legal and illegal drugs, it has one of the highest obese population numbers, and still you have to add gambling?… is it really necessary? You have one of the highest infant poverty and mortality rates in the world, Whats a matter? Are the lessons of the past in vain? Whats wrong? Why do you keep destroying yourselves? Those men, those so called tax paying patriots that say they love america, well they are just a bunch weak persons steered and manipulated, men that believe that being aggressive is strong, men that are being abused and taken advantage off by praying on their ego and frivolity and indoctrinate them and get them hooked on something, anything…. so they can spend all there hard earned money into something addictive, very addictive… men so stupid that they believe that their freedom is represented by their right to gamble…

  4. I honestly still dont like it, there will come a time when corruption influences the game. Once that happens and caught, people will turn away from the game.

    Nevada protected the games, with not having any major sports teams there. But now corps and political influences moved in and took over. Good luck !

  5. They say "it helps the states economy" where's the money come from?? They dont talk about all the families that are DESTROYED.. MOSTLY poor people! Ppl that are ADDICTED to gambling. Someone just JUMPED OFF THE TOP FLOOR AT MY LOCAL CASINO. you don't ever hear about that. And the families that are DESTROYED FROM IT. SMH TOTAL BS

  6. Betting like this is pretty normal in the uk and doesn’t really seem to be a big issue. People who already make illegal bets just now have a safer regulated to do it in the USA. People worrying about corruption shouldn’t get too worked up, sure there was a high profile case in top level Italian football around 10 years ago, but it’s pretty hard to buy off top level athletes who are making millions a year in football (soccer), the NHL, NFL, NBA, MLB, horse and dog racing, which have always been legal are the sports where corruption for gambling is most prevalent. Don’t get me wrong it’s not to say that fixing doesn’t happen, but it’s usually done by Eastern European or Chinese crime syndicates who are paying off athletes who don’t make a lot of money, and i assume that America will take the same regulations as Europe and players won’t be allowed to place bets on the sport that they are involved in regardless of the teams playing, or face lengthy bans and huge fines. The last well known case of a soccer player placing bets on games was a guy named joey Barton who’d been placing bets on games he had no involvement in whatsoever and he received a 24 month ban effectively ending his playing career. Sure gambling is addictive and can ruin lives, but the majority of people do it for a little bit of interest and nothing more.

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