24 thoughts on “Recovering gambling addict warns of dark side of betting

  1. Gambling is not a problem but you never leave when you win. Most gamblers has that problem. They don’t know their limits and when to leave. Most of the chain’s know their limits specially when they gamble in Baccarat. Baccarat is the only 50/50 game in Casino. If you know your limits I mean let say you start with 500 hundred and you double it go home. If you lose it go home don’t chase your lose always tomorrow is a new day.

  2. The fate of many casino gamblers is that they think they can get their money back from casinos, but in the long run, they just lose more and more money. After years of gambling and experience you'll have that winning streak, but everything will just come tumbling down with a big loss. Without discipline it's just a horrible thing. I've found when I win some, I will lose the win a week or so later and many times a little more, but then a week later I get the loss back and the cycle just repeats itself. The casinos still thinks you're a winner because you're tipping the dealer, but that money is just given away with a big loss. For most it's a waste of time if you're in it for financial gain. Why work so hard for something that isn't promised money? It's huge risk! More than likely you'll just lose what you gain. I know for a fact after years of playing I'm probably down -20k+, but this is better than most who are down hundreds of thousands of dollars to casinos. Some even sell their homes because of casino losses.

  3. This news report is so light and bubbly. They're making sure not to be too harsh to the financial interests of these gambling providers. Gambling is a cancer that destroys lives. Arizona should be ashamed of itself.

  4. Jesus can set u free from every addiction know to man, trust me I’m a living witness, and that goes for anyone reading this struggling with anything, give Jesus a chance what do u have to lose by doing that? Ask yourself that. God bless

  5. Gambling is one of the worst addictions but it has no symptoms it will destroy you if you carry on betting I hope everyone gets help to stop it’s the only way.

  6. If you are new to gambling on sports you need to have a budget. I've been a sports gambler on and off for over 40 years. Do not expect to make a living betting sports. All I can say is study a game as best you can and live with the results. There will always be a bad call, bad play or a player, coach decision that causes your bet to lose. Live with the results and that it took a bad play for you to lose your wager. Also, do not chase your loses. If it's not fun don't bet. Good Luck bet smart.

  7. I lost everything in gambling currently I'm jobless and In huge debts that I don't even know how to pay back😭😭😭😭 I don't know a word to describe my self right now I'm fool my family and every one is suffering because of my gambling addiction, I had to take out my self I have to sleep and never woke up I wish everyone on this hellish addiction to stop before they reach apoint of no return.

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