30 thoughts on “The Opening Line Report | NFL Week 7 Betting Market Analysis | October 17

  1. wow what a season fun. raiders 7 point favs wow texans . tease patriots and 49ers to 10. Kc will be hangover with bye ahead . Reid is great after bye bad before .

  2. In my 3O years of wagering NFL , there are a handful of handicappers I trust more than T e d d y… This show is an nfl essential. Drew/Dan and T e d d ie are money 💰. Just like the Giants over Win Future ! 💥💥

  3. Appreciate the show and all of your hard work, helping us get on the right side of these games! Even if Tuna goes this week for the Fins, should we be worried that he won't be able to make it through the whole game?

  4. I bet Giants +3 already. I get the reason people don't like them this week but I think they're wrong.

    1) NY is off a non-con game. After this game they have a non-con game. Shouldn't be a flat spot per se.

    2) The Jags have very little home field advantage.

    3) The biggest difference for the Giants this season is their coaching. Daboll is doing such a great job. I'll take the points with an NFL team getting great coaching.

  5. Great show guys!! Drew, where can I watch/listen to the “every game on the board” show? Betting the under on the elimination baseball game tonight. No whammy!

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