24 thoughts on “He's 3-Betting The Flop Against Pocket Aces @Hustler Casino Live

  1. If I was at that table I would ask him what he's butthurt about. We ran twice and you won once, and you slow rolled your aces acting like you has a difficult choice to make lame ass cry baby

  2. It sucks losing to trash hands but in all reality arent these the type of players you want calling you? And yes i would definitely be pissed off if I lost and then go bitch about it to my pokers buddies, being like what type of BS is this?

  3. It is funny how players always complaining a bad players for playing 103 when that was basically a donation but if you get a bad beat then live with it. Just don't be like question a bad players why lol. Would you rather sit in a table that with fishes or all good shark players

  4. You want dipshits like this in the game. They will win at times but the math never lies as they will always spew money and create action and large pots for the good players.

  5. Lol does Jason even like playing poker. He wants that action anyone wants that action just got unlucky good thing they ran it twice. But Jason has an easy tilt factor if he is gonna get this salty lol

  6. Now u have to think if u play every day against Player like him!

    How often u say nice HAND???


    …. in the long run u will win! (ofc)

    But if u dont have enough of money …..???

    Thats Not poker or thats no good poker

  7. I hate hearing the commentator say “uri” is my favorite player of all time. Why? Cause he’s bad enough to make that play? Stop rewarding bad play it’s not funny it’s actually annoying.

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