12 thoughts on “A Mental Technique that will help you when Betting on Horses

  1. You are right on to the points here. Most people's can't control what they bet. Sometime they win and stick around more, end up losing it all. The best is if you win, go home. If you loose , go home. Most important is you need to think that you having fun, not going to win money. Most of the time when you having fun and not think you need to win, then you won. I played race horse for more than 30 years. I win some big one and lost some. The best is you can go to the track and watch horses come out. You can look at each horse, sometime horse can tell you to bet or not to bet them. Come to the track and betting online is completely different feeling. Anyway, good luck to each of you on betting horses. I do wish you the best of luck and hit a big one.

  2. Ill set out and say ok im gonna hit a 100 dollar exacta i know i can. But yet im playing favorites an mid odds trying to get there. Watching bombs pass me by. Lol. The struggles of horse's

  3. I got my ass kicked over the weekend 350 gone couldn't hit shit. Couldn't relax an focus then when i knew it was a sure thing i would wait too long an get shut out or not follow thru. Im glad i came here to remember the fundamentals of the game. Ive been a sub for years now an man i know i always say i need paperwork or sticky notes like ones that say stick to your gut always box out dont play every race stay focused. Lol.

  4. @Weekend Handicapper
    😇AUTHENTIC has the potential and he can sustain 10furlongs!!
    😞MIKE SMITH is old now. He rode my horse AUTHENTIC so lamely as even the first 400metres was slow. This Horse AUTHENTIC needs always to open up his speed first 400metres all the time 22seconds and the 400metres at 44seconds all the time!!
    Then we can be sure his chance in the Kentucky Derby 2020 can be a Winning Stakes by gradual opening speed every 400metres.
    So in KY DBY there are 5 times 400metres that AUTHENTIC needs to open up at each 400metres to increase until reach post safe.
    Because ART COLLECTOR and TIZ THE LAW have the Stalking Speeds.
    AUTHENTIC needs a jockey like WILLIAM BUIC from UK who has won on every time on horse GHAIYYATT.
    Or either the IRAD ORTIZ and JOSE ORTIZ can ride AUTHENTIC in the KENTUCKY DERBY 2020 to achieve this momentum of speed and raging ride whip in the final until touch the Finish as Winner💪😎

  5. In 35 years of handicapping sports and horses the two biggest flaws of inexperienced bettors are a lack of discipline and no understanding of bankroll management. I remember all the way back in the 80s at Delaware Park, to your point, seeing guys hitting the ATM before the last race…Arabians. 😳😳. Stick to and improve your handicapping methods, manage your bankroll. Good luck!

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