26 thoughts on “BIG WIN ON TABLE ROULETTE BIG betting exclusive video 2022-07-15

  1. I lost 20 lakhs in 3 months, playing Oracle routlee from on-line apps betway, casino days .. overall I played 4k rounds, where I got 2.2 crores and lost 2.4 crores, 20 lakhs gone….

    Things noted, whenever I placed big bets on numbers and other places, I wont win, small bets I used to win….. something backend there is a control, I dont think these are genuine, though they got licensed but I felt something going wrong backend

  2. Don't make the mistake of entering the stakes casino and playing money games. There is a very big fraudulent professional team in front of you, they try to make you play to withdraw your money as you win, and in the end they never give your money, they delete your account, they close your account and your money is wasted, please read the comments abroad and see how many victims of this they stole our last 45 thousand dollars..

  3. I was a hit and run in my days off gambling . My stake was 5000£ 4 and 17 neighbours 2 and 4 to the maximum I always won . Okay maybe I won 7 out of 10 but I was always on top of the casino . I had 100£ tap for food and drink the casino was very good to me and my wife . I stopped when my wife died not gamble in 10 years .

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