9 thoughts on “Two of the Best Tips for Betting on Horse Racing

  1. Great video and tips. One question….how close do you like to wait to post time before placing you bet. Odds are always changing and sometimes the overlay gains a lot of popularity about 5 minutes before they load into the gate. Thanks I’m advance, hope all is well Weekend 🐎

  2. Great stuff Weekend Handicapper, thank you! Quick question, if my horse is paying say $7 for a $2 Place do I make that bet? Or do I only stick with Win bets? Thank you in advance!

  3. Some good advice. I really enjoy horse racing and wagering on them too but I've never got really serious about the things you talked about. I have gone to the track and made my bets at the window and my bets are 50c trifectas or $1 trifectas and next to me a guy is betting hundreds of dollars on a race, I'm amazed at how much some people bet but those people better follow your advice for sure. I do like following certain jockeys and trainers and the surface the horses run on but it's really hard to be a great handicapper so like that saying goes " A man's got to know his limitations". I'm waiting for your video for this weekend.

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