38 thoughts on “The WORLD's most famous race over jumps – PINEAU DE RE wins the 2014 Grand National

  1. 🎠🎠🎠🎠🎠🎠🎠🎠🎠🎠🎠🎠🎠🎠🎠🎠🎠🎠🎠🎠🎠🎠🎠🎠🎠🎠🎠🎠🎠🎠🎠🎠🎠🎠🎠🎠🎠🎠🎠🎠🎠🎠🎠🎠🎠🎠🎠🎠🎠🎠🎠🎠🎠

  2. See this is what is wrong with horse racing the combination of those jumps the heat the young age the money in the heartless people this is not how horse racing should be in fact this type of horse racing should be banned because these jumps are killing these horses and nobody say that is not true because it is it is very well true I'm not an idiot when I was little I thought I was racing was so cool until I saw the dark side and I'm angry

  3. Самые жестокие и ужасные скачки, видела такую в реальности на ипподроме давно ещё до сих пор не могу забыть как лошадь упала и поломала ногу и как болталась эта нога от колена…подьехал коневоз стали ее бедную туда запихивать на трёх ногах…и как рядом сосед сказал, что теперь она на колбасу пойдет…это ужасное впечатление детства на всю жизнь вызвало у меня отвращение к скачкам с препятствиями…

  4. What a freaking, useless, unnecessary, horribly abusive, nasty sport. How could anyone put an animal through a marathon of pain like this? Regular racing is fine but this one puts jumping a bunch frigging hedges and it's crazy.

  5. The grand national is an absolute joke these days and those in charge havent the guts to fight back against the pathetic bleeding hearts.I was around when it was a real test of courage and no limits to how many could run in it and the fences were far higher and a true test for jockey and horse.I dont even watch it anymore as its so boring .

  6. 자기야 의원직 내려놔라 ㅎㅎ 웃기네요 ㅎㅎ 알았네요
    대한민국 👄 🇰🇷 👄 바르게 세웁시다
    더불어민주당 포기하라
    박병석 전)국회의장 🤖 로보트 🤖 의장 미안하네
    가자!! 김대중 노무현대통령 잊읍시다 나라가 먼저요

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