28 thoughts on “Adin Ross Teaches US ALL A Lesson !!

  1. won 37K from 365 usd from blackjack. asked the company the procedure to redeem the amount but they are saying fkin 365 is all you can redeem. i have won 37K man from it playing day n night and this shit is what i played for. i then intentionally lost it all. fk it guys. gambling site and online casiono is all fraud and nothing

  2. Yoo bro, i watch you ervery day from amsterdam! I really like your video’s. But you said that sometimes you gamble by yourself, i want to see video’s from you. And i only watch youtube so i hope you gonna upload video’s of yourself also en not only reactions! But til that time i keep watching your video’s💪💪 keep going

  3. Don't mean to be a smart alac but your always chasing your loses whenever your gambling. Unless it's your first day or your magically up your never not chasing…ever. important to remember too that the longer you stay playing a game the worse your odds get. So even tho it's not good to gamble emotionally id argue that doesn't matter as much as being at a table for too long

  4. Absolutely love your content, aiden always chases and that's what does him in everytime! The chasing he don't listen and he lets way to many people talk while gambling which is always a bad thing

  5. Been in the industry a long time and I promise you not one person on the floor cares about your win/loss (maybe the dealer hypes up your wins, but they work on tips so that's what they are supposed to). 5:00
    But as a player I admit it does feel like the pit boss comes around when you start to win big, but honestly they are just tracking your bet size for player rating info.

  6. Just watching i can feel the temptation through the screen…This is a bad thing to get into…I just put myself in that situation and could literally feel the urge to play….And then your stuck.

  7. One of the colleagues I know told me that he's lost Roughly 150000 because of gambling, even her wife is addicted to this now and what hurts me is that their kids are affected by this now they won't have money for transport

    If u gambling guys Plz avoid addictions, I'm only 19 and lost a few thousands but I don't what to be in the same situation as my colleague in the next 10 years


  8. What platform is he playing on now? Also I think it's funny how he picks his nose and if he gets a booger he rolls it up in his figure and eats it LoL I think?

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