22 thoughts on “How to Make Over Six Figures Betting on Horse Racing

  1. great video thank you. first thing to pay is the taxes and then go from there! in 2018 I won the kd $1.00 superfecta for $19, 600. I new Justify would win! the long shot ( distilled) was 76 /1 and came in 4th. I had him on other tickets for 2nd and 3d also. very exciting!!!! the kicker tho is the hi -5-paid $150,000 and I did not even think about playing that one, but I do now, I had the 5th horse on some other tickets so it is all very do able like you said, I spent about $500 on mixed tickets. Good luck to all!!!!!!

  2. There's no way to product, something like this. Usually towards the end of the day there's one race that doesn't sit right. When you see 13+ horses running. One clear favorite and 8 or 9 double digit underdogs. You would get a payout like this…

  3. It's Pari mutuel ,Only one Winner.:Flagstaff ang Whitmore were Heavily hammered in the Window.I put exacta box 4,9,12,I push the wrong button.13,He comes 2nd.I wish it was 50 cents tri,..Important Note.No DIME SUPER IN KD ,that Day…if CD had Dime Super that DAY,many Horseplayers would Hit it..

  4. Thanks for the video. My wife loves the 10-cent supers and uses this method. She ranks her horses using the ABCD method by adding a long odds horse or two in the BCD spots. She looks for races that the favorite may be a false favorite or hopefully runs out the money. For example, if a race has an 11 horse field she can play all of those horses by using 3 tickets.
    Tix 1: A/BC/BCDE/BCDEFGHIJK = $4.80, Tix 2: B/A/CDE/CDEFGHIJK = $2.40 Tix 3: B/C/A/DEFGHIJK = $0.80 for a total of $8.00. She has done well with this method and hit a decent 10-cent super @ Laurel for $1250 not long ago, but she won't do $1 !!

  5. I would sit on it for a while. Eventually, make a few investments in a secured annuity and put a few dollars on my wagering account after getting all my bills up to date.

  6. Whoever made the odds for this race needs to be questioned for making Tap it to Win it the favorite. I’d bet Hog creek over Tap it any day and wouldn’t ever doubt it lol always on the board. Just needed him for 3rd.

  7. What’s going on! Yeaaaa this is the race that Hog Creek jacked me up on! 🤦‍♂️some lucky bastard swept that pool! I had a $3 tri box Whit/flag/hog. Hog creek was way underpriced. I had a $20 Place bet on him too for giggles lol a win like that is coming our way 😎

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    Happy Handicapping smart wagering, and a huge THANK YOU!

  9. Great Job! You know we should play SUPER's more and we should make it a thing we do all the time- even it's just .10 cents.. Now you tell me? But I would have to key the bet? Your thoughts.. Example 5 key with 1,2,3,4.. I believe may be the best way for me if I play one.. Because if I jockey around I will drive myself crazy!!Lol…Good job again! Stay Classy..

  10. Yes you cash some big tickets I seen a $1.00 superfecta pay 15k yesterday at woodbine. What u think about baffert suing nyra race track . I think he s a bit bitter

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