50 thoughts on “Explaining moneyline, spread, and total bets.

  1. I love how most people commenting are saying how accurate the video is and what not. Why did so many people who are experts in sports betting even end up watching this video ? Lol

  2. Today I was at the casino and noticed someone could bet on the patriots game and it was already in the 3rd qtr. The spread was 19. The score was 0 – 26 pats. When that game started, I was told the spread was only 8 (or 12?). If someone bet early on, and the spread requirement was only 8, does that ticket stay locked in? Even though layer on, it became 19.
    In horse betting, the odds change for everyone.

  3. I checked out several other explanations & this one is by far the best. He explains in detail & never assumes the listener knows terms or reasoning behind the “oppositesville” of reading sports betting odds. I’m not betting but this helps my fantasy team decisions!

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