18 thoughts on “Matched Betting on Horses for Beginners guide & tutorial using OddsMonkey or Profit accumulator

  1. So if I place bet on 5 -6 horses in a race of 15 horses thru Each way catcher and non of my horses finishes in extra place ( 4 ) and all finishes after 5th place.
    What happens then ? its a loss correct ?

  2. Another great video Chris.

    Quick question(s) :

    From your figures in the video, it looks like you need at least a 1 in 20 strike rate at level odds and level stakes in order to move into profit. Does that sound about right, and is it easily achievable?
    If that's the case, then do we need to take an awful lot more into consideration? What if the 1 in 20 is a low return (profit)?

  3. Quick question pal, if Iโ€™m doing the horse racing offers say the William hill money back if second, that doesnโ€™t involve lay for place does it? Only have to lay for place when thereโ€™re offering extra place etc?

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